Goal: The ‘goal’ of Gera of Trades & Goods is to help people interested in taking the temporary work path have the stepping stones to acquiring the rewards and successes available to them based on their efforts.



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Purpose: The ‘purpose’ of Gera Of Trades & Goods is to highlight the value of the temporary employment industry and the employees that help to make it worthy of attention.


The Top Staffing and Recruiting Trends for 2017



Mission: The ‘mission’ of Gera Of Trades & Goods is to revolutionize the way society views temporary employment as the pseudo passage to a “real job”, and to join forces with power players of the industry who can help revolutionize the culture of temporary employment to a degree that temporaries around the globe will feel recognized and be rewarded for their earnest efforts.



Black History on a Personal Note: Commemorating a Temporary Employment Company

I love Black History Month.  I make it a point to get acquainted with the past and learn about different great black history pioneers.  For 2018 I want to commemorate Black History Month in business. Except, I want to celebrate it on a personal note. When I relocated to Tennessee I was a young, single …


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